Jodies Journey

An Incredible Story + A Positive Journey + On the Way to Healing


Imagine yourself in this scenario: one day you wake with a mystery shoulder pain, no-one seems to listen and 11 months on - your complaints are worse now spreading all through your right side, you feel as if you have been slipping away everyday, getting closer and closer to a complete physical breakdown.

What do you do when your body is failing, doctors won't listen & you've asked for assistance many times, but no help? You don't know who else to talk to and people around you are starting to ask if maybe your making it all up. Other therapies are not helping and as time goes on your right leg starts to shows sciatic symptoms, your right lower back & sacrum in constant pain - but, without a diagnosis, life must go on - especially with 2 special children, a full-time job and a home to look after. After almost 1 year of searching and asking many doctors, in desperation - you go to the ER, completely & utterly exhausted - no longer able to get any pain relief or sleep.

This is what happened to me. What was found in my back shocked us all and changed my life. For years - I was internally crashing, 11 months of active searching for an answer, until an ER department saved my life. I am a walking miracle.

My hope is that you find this site, a place to stay & browse, be educated & inspired by my journey through difficult circumstances & life's challenges. Discover for yourself our capacity as humans to overcome these things. This is a place of optimism & hope. A place where I can share with you, principles taught to me about persevering & my discovery of a firm foundation that changed my world forever.

Warm Regards,