Jodie's Life Blog - 01

Hey all & welcome to my new life blog.

On this page, I will blog about non-medical issues and lessons I have seen and observed along the way.

I have been told that I am a creative spirit - I guess this is why I have won art awards in the past and why I enjoy creating and web designing. I would ♥ (soon) to study for an art degree of some kind, art & creativity runs in my veins - whether it's painting, writing, web designing or speaking.

Sometimes, as we all do - looking back at where we were in our early 20's - can be both difficult and provide something to laugh about - ponder & ponder some more. What makes us go back and consider our decisions, our thoughts (or maybe you're still there)? For me, going back in the last year, has been triggered by meeting old friends, people I once and (still) love. I think we all enjoy going back, in thought, spirit and soul. Whether it's triggered by a meeting or finding an old friend on a social network - like childhood, I frequently think about key moments in my youth. More in my teens and my early 20's - nothing to regret, but maybe knowing more about life now (in my late 30's) - I may have been more vocal about my opinion and spoke my mind, went for what I wanted regardless of what anyone thought. Some of us are already that bold in our 20's - it took me some time.

I have a feeling now, that we only get where we want to go, when we speak up and indicate what our heart longs for, what our passion is and how we feel we can get to the pinnacle of where God wants us to be. Speaking up & thinking up is a better path I believe, to happiness/to understanding - looking in the mirror and seeing who we really are.✿

But, the natural course of life and intelligence gathering (as we learn & make mistakes) gives us a totally new look at mysteries that once perplexed us. I understand now, the behaviours of people I once was close to - what used to make no sense, now (with learned knowledge) - is as clear as crystal and makes perfect sense. Not all people from our past make sense now - but some do and that I find, (wow!) fascinating. It's almost like re-watching a movie we once loved. Like a childhood favourite, watched again with adult/older eyes. A new place to explore - new knowledge to understand - new scenes to replay.

I learn alot from going back, remembering good times, even poor decisions. Reading my journal, from my early 20's - I see a familar, yet different young lady. I know the importance of journaling, but really - who does it for they're entire life? I have only ever really journaled for smaller portions and then find it hard to do for longer periods. I think blogging, really is the modern version of journaling, hence what alot of us do today.

I think going back - watching an old film, reading an former favourite book, calling an old friend, reading an old journal, even looking at old photo's - can bring more joy than pain.

Sometimes the pain and poor decisions are forgotten before the joy of 20 years prior says 'Hello' (one of my favourite Lionel songs). Then again emotional pain is everywhere and when it come to the past, how do we deal with that? There would never be enough answers for everyone - making a painful emotional memory go away might mean, physically writing & burning - a symbol. OR handing it in and giving it up in your heart to someone higher.✞ I

I think (in the end) we could choose to condemn ourselves for the past or see the decisions we have made, as part of greater journey....a path that leads us to where we are meant to be and what we are meant to learn.

Blessings 2 U All....ƸӜƷ