Jodie's Life Blog - 04

Today I will write about something close to my heart - The miracle of life!! I don't think that any of us understand how significant it is that so many of us have a near miss occasionally. Driving, walking across the road, injury, accidents, battling a disease - Death tries to swallow us regularly, but we don't see it or recognize it, for ourselves. We may get a small hint when a friend suffers a close call, a relative passes away (close or distant), maybe we have a dream about ourselves 'passing away'. It can be frightening, yet a relief to find ourselves OK and alive after a midnight dream scare. Life has not ended, just yet.

Why do we ignore the close calls we have? It always happens to someone else and not ourselves. It's a story on the TV, in the paper, from a friends conversation. Maybe we are reminded about our humanity when we see our parents getting older - or our spouse is diagnosed with a health condition. Sometimes, the reminder can be as brash as a charging bull - our friend gets a headache and finds out they have weeks to live, apparently.

Humanity and the gift of life is our greatest friend, but so, so brittle and so easy to snuff out. Out of this blog, as you read - I want you to remember, that tomorrow is a new day - it's the greatest gift on your palm - the greatest miracle, wrapped in and around your heart & soul. I know it is said many times over and we may hear it in different ways, but quite simply: Everyday, we have to be ready to go, fly away and meet our maker. Are you ready to soar? Are you prepared to let go of the railing and fly, through the sky to the other side? I am ready, are you?

I almost touched the other side twice and I knew 100% where I was going. I don't think I was ready yet, but if I was called - I could go with complete certainty that a home was waiting for me in a kingdom, beyond this earth. Where is your kingdom? Where is your eternity destiny?

When your wings fly you over the sun and your ready to soar, can we meet there? I'd love to. In fact, I imagine that my mansion in the sky will be encrusted with blue and purple cystals. A diamond, every here and there and gold up on the roof. Silver will line the floors and reflect the shimmering gold daze. There will be pathways through rooms marked with rainbow lighting and fountains, with places to meet friends, talk and enjoy the company of beautiful & caring people. There will be a special place to worship and sing, reach out and heal and touch and converse, to share and understand past sufferings.

My grandmother (Jean Campbell) who passed over many years ago, assured me, she'd be waiting and told me where to find her. In the baby and young child section. Her preference was to look after the young ones who had passed away - I can't wait to see her and play with some beautiful babies.

Where are you going? Are you ready to fly? How are your wings? This wonderment assurance is available to you in a quick moment, no money required, no courses, no secrets or special foods, just devotion to the truth. ASK ME how - your decison, your moment is waiting.

A warm coffee will also be waiting for you in my mansion, at my table. We have so much to talk about. And yes, I've heard they have awesome coffee in heaven.