Jodie's Life Blog - 06

Enjoying life | no matter what the challenge. This is my latest life blog subject. Yes, I am still blogging on my life blog. I haven't forgotten. I get caught up in family life, in errands, in looking after the home, kids, pets, husband and paperwork. Being a Mum and a wife can be a busy calling. It can also be a mundane job for many Mum's around the world. This includes Dad's and other carers. The rewards come in ways that we don't expect - smiles, cute gifts, lots of hugs and kisses and from fur-babies - lots of sloppy licks. Yes, it's hard work - particularly if you're a single Mum or Dad and also if you've got an illness or a disability.

There are times in life (particularly after a challenge) where we realise that whatever the lot we've been served - the answer to a happy life is not what you have and own, whether you have a lot or a little, it's not how important your job is or whether you are a CEO or a cleaner. The answer to a happy life is taking all you've been given, making the VERY best you can with it and applying a slap of happiness, laughter and a sense of humour. Find what makes you happy. Look back at the people who once trampled on you and see how far life has transported you into the promises you were shown.

A few people trampled on me, but, I wished them the best and prayed for them, regardless.

This is the important mixture we all want. The piece of life's puzzle. Here in the west we often marvel at happy 'poor' faces. Doco's showing us very poor people, who don't even have a proper house or a toilet - yet, they're happy, smiling, giggling, laughing. They have chosen to enjoy their life, whatever they're lot, to be happy - whatever their challenge. Today, I was reading a website and noticed a day called 'National Toilet Day' - the stats suggest that 2.6 billion people around the world, don't have access to a clean toilet. I had no idea - how could all of these people find this OK? Having a clean place to go to the bathroom would surely be an important part of having a happy life. Would it not?

I think we all must learn to choose to enjoy the everyday - even in physical pain - it's a choice to laugh and to appreciate the flowers, the birds, the waterfalls and beautiful scenery created for us, made for our pleasure and enjoyment.

Will you enjoy your life today? No matter what?

I know this is my mission - happiness is sometimes via the simpler things in life :)