Jodie's Life Blog - 07

As I write this latest life writing - the wind is howling outside - not odd for Queensland, but odd because it was not predicted for the weather forecast today. My Bamboo lined against my back fence is swaying back 'n' forth, whipping with the wind in unpredictable ways. My birdbath water is swaying to the constant flicks of an invisible power that is 'the wind'. Wind - what an incredible power it is. Not just for creating and making power, via wind farms, etc - but, for blowing leaves, almost cleaning gutters and maybe not cleaning in some places - but, making a mess.

Wind - It's unpredictable and creates dryness, noise and sometimes destruction. i.e.: Tornado's, etc. It's correlation to life in general is fascinating and how we secure ourselves, ready for life's wind's - is all part of coping with the day-to-day challenges of what we are expected to cope with. Some of us find that we can't cope with life's wind's, we get slammed with more wind than others, sometimes slammed over & over for no particular reason. Sometimes, attempted destruction of our life - is more than we can stand, it's more than we've prepared for, it's more than we've thought about or dreamt about. Starting out in life, we all seek the same thing: stability, a home with a loved one, purpose and happiness.

None of us really believe that this will never happen to us - we just imagine the best, we hope for the best. But, do we secure for the best? Rarely, I think many of us do. When a storm is coming and the local weather forecast warns of strong winds, what else do they say? Usually, they tell you to tie down all loose items in your backyard, put things away that could become flying missiles. PREPARE. Secure your items to a sure foundation or inside a sure foundation.

Like the wind and it's destructive powers, we must prepare and secure for life's events. Have I done this? Yes, I have. Have you done this? Ask yourself today - 'Am I prepared for the wind events of life'? What would happen to me if a storm with destructive winds came my way? Would I cope? Would my family cope? These are good questions to ask. It's good to be ready and it's important to see that wind/storm in the distance. It hasn't arrived yet, but it could.

Secure your life's foundation - and if you don't know which way to go, to do that - ask me anytime. I secured my foundation at the age of 13 and it has created smooth recovery, when the outside is rocking my vessel. Foundation in life is everything, being prepared is everything. Life and your love for a better life is everything.

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